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5 Great Reasons To Create, Sell and Resell Master Resell Rights Products in 2016!


1. You're the author, you make the rules!

When you create your own product you have the flexibility to put as much or as little content into the ebook, video or audio, many Resell Rights product creators split their knowledge into sections and create different series of ebooks after the initial release, this does a couple things in your favor:

  • It creates a sense of anticipation to your customers for the next version in the series of info products!
  • Creates an additional source of cash flow coming into your Business through sales to the same customers that bought the first edition!

Being that you are the author of the product you are able to create different platforms for your info product to be used from for ex:

  • Have the ebook read by an voice over recording expert and create more value or upsells for the audio version of your info product!
  • If applicable record a screen capture video going through your tutorial in Power point slides for an even bigger upsell to the customers and better appreciation!

Being the owner of your info product you are able to offer Unrestricted PLR, PLR, Master Resell Rights, Resale Rights or just simple Personal use only..Offering Resale Rights and higher to your product can have an massive impact to your potential customers final decision because:

  • People love to start a Business cheaply and take it from there, so if it is low risk and Excellent value its a No Brainer!..
  • Many Marketers have already accumulated numerous followers and will likely jump at the chance to offer their customers your Resell Rights Product if it is good!

Now with a red hot niche Market to target in your mind you can bundle your created product with existing ones in the similar or same niche and make the sales a lot easier.

  • Purchase similar MRR and PLR niche products and add them as a bonus..
  • Get audio with resell rights on your niche as a bonus for your customer. there are a number of ways you could also create audio with easy to use text to speech software.


2. The product is digital and can be sold unlimited times!

With the luxury of being in the Digital Resell Rights Products industry you can create or buy a product just once and sell it countless times completely automated.The file should get uploaded to your webhosting server once, you set the download or direct link to the product on your thanks for purchasing link and all your purchasers will have access to the download for the life of it!


3. Internet Marketers are hungry for new products and information to offer their customers!

With Millions of Internet Marketers actively searching for methods for Online Business cash flow if your product makes sense to them and serves a purpose they will likely purchase it from you to resell to their followers and customers. Having your own Resell Rights Products available for purchase will attract treasure hungry Resellers that need quality products for their Business to stand out from the ever growing crowd.


4. Its a real ,low risk turnkey solution that does not cost much money to start, build and maintain!

The Resale Rights Industry has been around since the beginning of the internet and will continue to be into the future. The great thing about Resale Rights is it is a Low Cost option for many around the world that with a bit of persistence can see you make some nice extra income at the end of every month. The only ongoing fees you will need to pay for are your web hosting fees and domain name renewal costs. You may spend on products here and there that interest you but for Maintenance it can come down to as little as $150 Year..


5. Your Internet Business is open to customers world wide 24-7, 365 days a year and there are No employees or middle men to employ for the delivery of the product. 

Unlike Traditional Industrial or Local Businesses, your Internet Business is open to the entire world of customers 24-7, 365 Days a year. The only employee you really need to do it is yourself to set up the Sales page and download links, scripts etc.. But even if you don't want to learn how that's done, this however can be done through hiring a school kid with some web design knowledge or hire a professional freelancer from many freelancing websites like 


With the Internet forever growing it is really possible for you to start your own Resell Rights Internet Business with a little know how and digital elbow grease. Don't be afraid to change who you are and try to start something new, this how success is always achieved by getting out of the comfort zone.

to your Success,

Xavier Barroso


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